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First correcture[Bearbeiten]

Hi, looking at this change I guess you wanted to change the status from plain text (OCR or other non self-typed source) to proofread once. The correct status would then be 75 % (yellow or #3), because dark red (50 % or #2) is used, if there are any problems with the page, e. g. when text lines were cut away. In case I guessed right, you should change the status to reflect the progress right. Regards, --René Mettke 18:21, 26. Sep. 2011 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Die Systematik des ältesten Römischen Münzwesen[Bearbeiten]

This book looks interesting! If you are looking for someone to help with proofreading, please contact me when you are done with creating all the pages, index, etc.--Zaterdag 16:52, 27. Sep. 2011 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]

I don't know much about numismatics as such but I am interested in economic history and my professor always put a lot of emphasis on monetary policy, laws regulating the coinage of money, gold vs. silver, etc. --Zaterdag 17:09, 27. Sep. 2011 (CEST)Beantworten[Beantworten]