William Henley

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William Henley
[[Bild:|220px|William Henley]]
William Henly, F.R.S.
* unbekannt in
† um 1779 in
englischer Leinwandhändler
wirkte in London
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in deutscher Übersetzung[Bearbeiten]

  • Sammlungen zur Physik und Naturgeschichte von einigen Liebhabern dieser Wissenschaften, Band 2. Leipzig 1778, S. 556 (Auszug aus den Phil. Trans.) Google


Philosophical Transactions

  • An Account of the Death of a Person destroyed by Lightning in the Chapel in Tottenham-Court-Road, and its Effects on the Building. In: Band 62 (1772), S. 131 Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Experiments concerning the different Efficacy of pointed and blunted Rods, in securing Buildings against the Stroke of Lightning. In: Band 64 (1774), S. 133 Biodiversity Heritage Library; Sonderabdruck, London 1774 Google
  • An Account of some new Experiments in Electricity, containing … In: Band 64 (1774), S. 389 Biodiversity Heritage Library; Sonderabdruck, London 1774 Google
    1. An Enquiry whether Vapour be a Conductor of Electricity
    2. Some Experiments, to ascertain the Direction of the Electric Matter, in the Discharge of the Leyden Bottle: with a new Analysis of the Leyden Bottle
    3. Experiments on the lateral Explosion, in the Discharge of the Leyden Bottle
    4. The Description, and Use, of a new Prime-conductor
    5. Miscellaneous Experiments, made principally in the Years 1771 and 1772
    6. Experiments and Observations on the Electricity of Fogs, &c. in Pursuance of those made by Thomas Ronayne, Esq; with a Plan of an Electrical Journal, &c.
  • (von Richard Haffenden:) An Account of the Effects of Lighning on a House, which was furnished with a pointed Conductor, at Tenterden, in Kent … To which are added some Remarks by Mr. Henley. In: Band 65 (1775), S. 336 Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Experiments and Observations on a new Apparatus, called, A Machine for exhibiting perpetual Electricity. In: Band 66 (1776), S. 513 Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Experiments and Observations in Electricity. In: Band 67 (1777), S. 85 Biodiversity Heritage Library, S. 117 Biodiversity Heritage Library; Sonderabdruck, London 1777 Google
    1. Remarks on the effects of lamp-black and tar, or lamp-black and oil, as protectors of bodies from the stroke of lightning
    2. On the electricity of chocolate: and the restoration of that property to it, when lost, by melting it together with a small quantity of olive-oil
    3. Observations on some new and singular phenomena in excited and charged glass; with experiments made in consequence of these phenomena, further illustrating the Franklinian theory of the Leyden bottle; and a description of the apparatus constructed for that purpose
  • Observations and Experiments tending to confirm Dr. Ingenhousz’s Theory of the Electrophorus; and to shew the Impermeability of Glass to Electric Fluid. In: Band 68,2 (1778), S. 1049 Biodiversity Heritage Library


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