Charles Burney

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Charles Burney
Charles Burney
* 7. April 1726 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
† 12. April 1814 in Chelsea (London), Middlesex
englischer Musikhistoriker
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  • An Essay towards a History of the Principal Comets, London 1769, Becket & de Hondt, anonym veröffentlicht.
  • The Present State of Music in France and Italy, London, Becket, u.a.
  • The Present State of Music in Germany, the Netherlands, and United Provinces, 2 Bde., London 1773, Becket, 2teA 1775
  • A Plan for a Music School, 1774
  • A General History of Music from the Earliest Ages to the Present Period (das ganze Werk »printed for the Author and sold by Becket etc.«)
  • An account of the Musical Performances in Westminster Abbey and the Pantheon in Commemoration of Handel, 1785, Payne & Robinson
    • 1785 Google
    • London 1834 Google
    • Dr. Karl Burneys Nachricht von Georg Friedrich Händels Lebensumständen und der ihm zu London im Mai und Juni 1784 angestellten Gedächtnissfeyer, deutsch von Johann Joachim Eschenburg, Berlin und Stettin 1785, Fr. Nicolai Google
  • Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Abbate Metastasio in which are incorporated, translations of his principal letters, London 1796, Robinson.
  • ab 1802 musikalische Artikel in Rees's Cyclopaedia, das ist: Abraham Rees (Hg.), The cyclopædia, or, Universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and Literature, in 39 Bänden und 6 Tafelbänden, London 1802-1819.
  • Memoirs of Doctor Burney, arranged from his own Manuscripts, from family papers, and from personal recollections by his daughter, Madame d´Arblay [= Fanny Burney]. London 1832, Moxon.
  • von seinem Sohn Charles Burney sind die Schriften:
    • A catalogue of the library of the Royal Institution of Great Britain: including a complete list of all the Greek writers (zusammen mit William Harris)