Charles Hatchett

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Charles Hatchett
Charles Hatchett
* 2. Januar 1765 in London
† 10. Februar 1847 in London
englischer Chemiker und Mineraloge
Entdecker des Elements Niob (bzw. Columbium)
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in Annalen der Physik

in Chemische Annalen

in Magazin für den neuesten Zustand der Naturkunde



  • Chemical Experiments on Zoophytes; With Some Observations on the Component Parts of Membrane. London 1800 Google
  • An Analysis of a Mineral Substance From North America, Containing a Metal Hitherto Unknown. London 1802 Google, Google, Google
  • Experiments and Observations on the Various Alloys, on the Specific Gravity, and on the Comparative Wear of Gold. London 1803 Google
  • Analytical Experiments and Observations on Lac. Sonderabdruck. London 1804 Google
  • A Letter to the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks … In Which a Description is Given of a Process, by Which Corn Tainted With Must May be Completely Purified. London 1816 Google

in Philosophical Transactions

  • An Analysis of the Carinthian Molybdate of Lead; with Experiments on the Molybdic Acid. To which are added some Experiments and Observations on the Decomposition of the Sulphate of Ammoniac. In: Band 86 (1796) Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • An Analysis of the earthy Substance from New South Wales, called Sydneia or Terra Australis. In: Band 88 (1798) Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Account of a Substance found in a Clay-pit; and of the Effect of the Mere of Diss, upon various Substances immersed in it (Benjamin Wiseman); With an Analysis of the Water of the sait Mere (Charles Hatchett). In: Band 88 (1798)
  • Experiments and Observations on Shell and Bone. In: Band 89 (1799)
  • Chemical Experiments on Zoophytes; with some Observations on the component Parts of Membrane. In: Band 90 (1800) Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • An Analysis of a mineral Substance from North America, containing a Metal hitherto unknown. In: Band 92 (1802) Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Experiments and Observations on the various Alloys, on the specific Gravity, and on the comparative Wear of Gold. In: Band 93 (1803) Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Analysis of a triple Sulphuret, of Lead, Antimony, and Copper, from Cornwall. In: Band 94 (1804)
  • Analytical Experiments and Observations on Lac. In: Band 94 (1804)
  • An Analysis of the magnetical Pyrites; with Remarks on some of the other Sulphurets of Iron. In: Band 94 (1804) Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • Observations on the Change of some of the proximate Principles of Vegetables into Bitumen; with analytical Experiments on a peculiar Substance which is found with the Bovey Coal. In: Band 94 (1804)
  • On an artificial Substance which possesses the principal characteristic Properties of Tannin. In: Band 95 (1805)
  • Additional Experiments and Remarks on an artificial Substance, which possesses the principal characteristic Properties of Tannin. In: Band 95 (1805)
  • A third Series of Experiments on an artificial Substance, which possesses the principal characteristic Properties of Tannin; with some Remarks on Coal. In: Band 96 (1806)
  • A description of a process, by which corn tainted with Must may be completely purified. In: Band 107 (1817)

in Philosophical Magazine


  • Todesnachricht in: Leipziger Repertorium der deutschen und ausländischen Literatur, hg. von E. G. Gersdorf, 5. Jg. (1847), Bd. 3, S. 406 Google