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Move list to separate page?[Bearbeiten]

@Zabia: would you mind if I move the table at the end to a separate list (e.g. BLKÖ:Uebersicht Sammelwerke)? I already made a Wikidata item for it (d:Q97059022).

Makes it easier to query and compare with d:Q90900559.

The text could still be transcluded on this page here, if you prefer. @Mfchris84: Jura1 (Diskussion) 16:29, 8. Jul. 2020 (CEST)

@Jural: @Mfchris84: Sorry, my English is not perfect. You are free to make a copy, but there is also a list in Volume 60: BLKÖ:Verzeichniß der zum biographischen Lexikon benutzten Quellenwerke. Maybe it is better you create an article like BLKÖ:Verzeichniß der benutzten Quellenwerke (Band 1) only for the table or so? What do you mean about? I prefare to use the old language of Wurzbach in Wikisource. Zabia (Diskussion) 16:14, 9. Jul. 2020 (CEST)

@Zabia: Thanks for your response. Yes, I had something like BLKÖ:Verzeichniß der benutzten Quellenwerke (Band 1) in mind.
On Q97059022 I used "Uebersicht jener umfassenden Sammelwerke" as that is a quote. I'm fine with whatever title you prefer.
Don't hestitate to answer in German. --Jura1 (Diskussion) 16:20, 9. Jul. 2020 (CEST)
@Zabia: I moved it. I started making items from both lists and some of the references used in the articles at Wikidata. A list is at cites/by work. Jura1 (Diskussion) 14:33, 10. Jul. 2020 (CEST)
@Jural: Thanks! Zabia (Diskussion) 15:24, 10. Jul. 2020 (CEST)